Patio Tips for your Pooch - KARE 11

One of the many things that makes the Twin Cities so great is that there are so many dog friendly stores, restaurants and breweries.  

Before getting to the tips, let’s start with some basic patio etiquette.  

  • Know your dog - not all dogs enjoy going to the patios and being in large noisy settings.  If you don’t think your pooch will have fun going leave them at home.

  • Make sure the restaurant / brewery is dog friendly.  The easiest way to to look on their website, or a great resource is

  • Ask other guests if they are ok with the dog being around.


1- Feed them first.  When going to public patios there will always be food around and as you know, dogs LOVE food. One way to keep the begging to a minimum is to bring them after they have eaten a meal.  Chances are if you bring your pooch hungry, they will start acting out and creating a scene.

2 - A tired dog is a good patio dog.  Bring them to the dog park or take them on a long walk before hitting up the patio.  If they are tired, they are more likely to lay down and relax.

3- Forget the Flexi - when you are in public it is best not to use the retractable leashes.  These leases make it tough to control the dogs.  One of my favorite leashes is made by Stunt Puppy, which is a Minnesota company, and you can clip the leash to your chair or table.

4- bring water - it might sound like common sense, but not all restaurants and breweries will provide water bowls for the dogs.  It is always best to come prepared. 

5- Bring distractions - If you have a smaller dog, not all of them enjoy laying on concrete, so bring a small bed for them.  You can also bring a few of their favorite toys and snacks to help keep them distracted.  Some restaurants will bring special doggy treats, but don’t always count on it, come prepared! 

Some of our favorite dog friendly patios

Pizzeria Lola in Southwest Minneapolis.

3 Squares in Maple Grove

Sisyphus Brewing -  they are dog friendly inside and outside and often have dog adoption events.


Rescue Dog:


Meet Ivan from Heart of Border Collie Rescue.  He is a super sweet dog.  He first entered the rescue with some chemical burns on his back, head and legs.  After much work his foster family has helped him heal and he is ready for his forever home.  He is good with Kids, Cats and other dogs.  Loves playing fetch and the frisbee is his new passion, but he is also happy sitting in a lap giving kisses.  Click Here for more details on Ivan.

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